About Me

a little about me…

i’m an incoming master’s in cybersecurity at georgia tech and an alumna of the university of texas at dallas. throughout my time in university, i’ve been fortunate to experience and participate in a multitude of both academic and professional projects in both the tech and business spaces. i’ve found a true passion & interest in using technology to maximize profitability and achieve unique business objectives. tech is the future, and i seek to take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about this field and grow my skillset.

after my internship experiences at macy’s tech and ernst & young, i took a liking for the fields of consulting, information security, and product management. i want to use my technical expertise and business acumen to help businesses grow and fulfill their company visions. using my creativity and affinity for working in cross-functional teams, ultimately i want to create, manage, and deploy cutting-edge, marketable, and user-centric products. i also want to use this same skillset to create innovative solutions and strategies to maximize company growth.

in addition to consulting, information security, and product management, i thoroughly enjoy mobile app development. i want to create aesthetically-appealing user interfaces and create/guide others in the product designing/development process.

in my free time, i love to travel, blog, learn new languages, write, read, and navigate the world as a first-generation indian-american woman.

i’m always looking for opportunities to use my skillset and passions to solve problems and work one-on-one. if you think this would be a good fit, let’s get connected!